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Y&R Spoilers: Johnny and Katie Abbott Return to Genoa City, Clash With Their New Sister Claire

20 Questions & New Living Arrangements for Johnny & Katie on Y&R

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Johnny & Katie are back from boarding school on Young & the Restless & Y&R fans are as excited as their new older sister Claire to see them. As suspected, Johnny & Katie are not impressed with Claire or their updated living arrangements. The game of 20 questions has just gotten started with no end in sight until Johnny & Katie are found another place to live in Genoa City.

20 Questions With Sister Claire by Johnny & Katie Abbott

Johnny & Katie Abbott were as excited to meet their new big sister Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) as Young & the Restless fans were to see Claire’s outfit when they arrived at their new home on the Newman Ranch, The Tack House. Johnny & Katie were not able to hold back questions about Claire’s time in a psych ward or her Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) who burnt their childhood home to a crisp.

Perhaps Johnny & Katie’s next line of questioning will focus on Claire’s time as a successful Executive Assistant before trying her best to kill her mother, uncle, & their grandpa/grandma & how she’s now a nanny for their cousin Harrison.

Billy Abbott Picks Up, Newman & Abbott Jets Are Busy

That was sweet of Johnny & Katie’s dad Bill Abbott (Jason Thompson) to pick them up at the airport despite him having access to the Abbott Jet & their mother having access to the Newman Jet.

Sure, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has the Abbott Jet in Paris amidst his impromptu trip to support his sister Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) & to check in on his other sister Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) who’s been leading Ashley’s charge overseas. What if Billy had already had the Abbott Jet reserved for his children? On the other hand, Johnny & Katie’s Uncle Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) has the Newman Jet out to the East Coast to check on their cousin Connor on another impromptu trip. What if Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) had already reserved her family’s jet for Johnny & Katie’s return to Genoa City?

More questions for Johnny & Katie’s game of 20 questions since their return to GC on Y&R.

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The Answer to 20 Questions: Johnny & Katie OUT

Johnny & Katie will not be having any of Claire or their new home that isn’t so new & is a result of their new big sister’s crazy aunt who is still alive burning it down. Perhaps they will move in with their dad Billy Abbott, or not. No one knows where Billy Abbott lives, including Billy Abbott. Some Y&R fans conjecture that he is living at the GCAC. If that were the case, he & his girlfriend Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) would be having intimate time there & Y&R fans would be seeing it.

Speaking of Chelsea Lawson, Johnny may want to live with her now that he knows that she is his biological mother & gets along well with his newly realized biological brother Connor. Chelsea is taking a leave of absence from work right now to focus on Connor, so maybe not. Also, Johnny seems like a decent big brother & would not likely leave his little sister Katie behind.

The Abbott Pool House: Vacancy in Genoa City

If Johnny & Katie’s new big sister Claire does not push them to leave the Tack House, Claire’s long lost father & their mother’s current love interest Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) will. With the Tack House out, Billy’s residence unknown, & Johnny’s other mother Chelsea otherwise occupied, what’s left? The Abbott Pool House…

Johnny Abbott is a teenager & Katie Abbott is acting like one. Mrs. Martinez is always around & at least one other Abbott. Is it feasible for Johnny & Katie to stay at the Abbott Pool House for the summer? Yes, but maybe not the entire summer. Their big sister Claire is spending quite a bit of time at the Abbott Estate being Harrison’s Best Nanny Ever. Claire & Harrison will have to spend quality time at the pool. That’s unless Harrison’s daddy Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) starts dating Harrison’s nanny & another new nanny is hired.

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