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Young & Restless’ Next Big Cheating Scandal Will Leave Fans Saying, ‘Been There, Done That’

It’s been a minute since Daniel cheated on Lily with Heather, but the trope is about to rear its messy head anew on Young & Restless. This time, it will be entirely different characters, and the scenario won’t be the same, but there will be a ‘been there, done that’ aspect that will give fans a healthy dose of déjà vu. What do we mean? Keep reading to find out…

When Daniel slipped and fell into bed with Heather, it wasn’t just because of her good looks or amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, it was because they were exes who still had love between them. Daniel and Lily were also married in the past, but their re-do was short-lived given that Daniel’s feelings for the woman with whom he raised his child prevailed in the end.

Daniel Heather bed sex Y&R

This may become a theme of sorts as Young & Restless heads into the summer months as the writing is on the proverbial wall for yet another pair of exes.

If you haven’t noticed the growing closeness between Adam and Chelsea lately, then you haven’t been close enough attention. Nothing happens without a reason on a soap opera, so all of those hugs aren’t for nothin’.

Adam and Chelsea hug Y&R

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“But,” you may be protesting, “They’re just comforting one another over their son’s struggles.” That may be true, but on soaps, commisseration has almost become a form of foreplay… as in it often leads to more. Much more.

During their most recent exchange, Adam and Chelsea got good news for a change… no comforting required, yet they not only embraced, but were holding hands at one point.

Adam and Chelsea video call Connor Y&R

Yep, Sally and Billy are about to get their hearts stomped on. As we saw with Daniel and Heather, nothing bonds two people like the love of their child… something only the two of them can truly share.

Happily for viewers, this cheating scandal should be extra-messy considering Sally is currently in posession of Chelsea’s job at Marchetti and has managed to impress Summer. It won’t be the first time the fashionistas have done battle. As many will recall, Chelsea was none too pleased to find herself working with Adam’s new girlfriend in the past. So toxic was her disdain for the redhead, it proved to be impossible for them to remain on the same team.

Sally Chelsea park YR

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