The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker’s Fake Heart Attack, Audra’s Fury, and Traci’s Sweetness

Tucker’s Heart Attack Scare

Thank goodness that Tucker McCall’s heart attack scare was just a scare & not real at all. Tucker has too much business yet to do on Young & the Restless. Despite Audra’s extreme bitchiness to Tucker while it was still unclear whether he was faking it or not, Traci Abbott could not have been more sweet when he stopped by to check in on a couple of things after.

With all of this back & forth along with Jack Abbott now in Paris, will Tucker McCall make it back to Genoa City to resume business as almost usual?

Forever-&-Ever or Dead: Audra Charles & Tucker McCall

Y&R’s Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) is sick of meeting Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) in the middle of Genoa City, Paris, or anywhere else. She’s done with Tucker… Or, is she?

Audra doubled down on Tucker’s medical emergency & told him in front of his executive assistant that he would be better off dead. Didn’t Tucker recently propose marriage to Audra at least three times? Hasn’t Tucker most recently offered Audra Glissade with no strings attached at least a few times? Perhaps Miss Audra needs to check herself before Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) wrecks herself.

Brownie Points With Traci Abbott, Tucker’s Silver Lining

Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) is as sweet as Audra Charles is bitchy. Whoa! What a show this week on Young & the Restless…

Traci Abbott has no idea that Tucker faked a medical emergency to conveniently postpone a Glissade board meeting let alone does she know that Audra flat out told Tucker he should just die. Ergo, Traci being sweet to Tucker when he stopped by her sister Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) apartment was absolutely sincere.

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Audra & Victor Newman vs Tucker & Jack Abbott?

Yet again, Tucker McCall has told Audra Charles that Glissade is hers & has added in an admission of failure. Is there a chance that Audra Charles will cave & take Glissade from Tucker without any supposed strings attached? Or, is Audra about to double down again with her plans to take over Glissade via Victor Newman’s financing?

On the other hand, how long will it take for Tucker to figure out that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is not Audra’s source of revenue for Glissade? Will Genoa City’s most unlikely business duo composed of Tucker McCall & Jack Abbott put their many year’s worth of differences aside to take down The Almighty Victor Newman? If so, what happens when Jack Abbott learns that Victor already has son Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) on his side along with his long-time friend Adam Newman (Mark Grossman)?

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